Shall we just flip coins? - Ed Brock

The weekend's news has me dizzy trying to decide whom to fear more, Iran or North Korea.

I'm leaning more toward North Korea right now, in the sense that my personal life is threatened more by North Korea's existing nuclear weapons than by Iran's theoretical bombs.

Maybe that's why so many people seem to be focusing on Iran as a possible military target. It's the safer target.

Safer for most of us back home, that is. Anybody with family in the military has personal reason to care about either possible conflict. And military action in either case would be something for which all Americans would pay in some way.

On the other hand, we're already fighting a war started for much less reason.

But North Korea has been worrying me since the time they fired a missile almost literally over my head. I had been living in Japan for about three months when they test fired a Taepodong II missile in Tokyo's general direction.

If the North Koreans have what I've heard they have, then at this point America's West Coast may already be in range. But way over here in Georgia we're relatively safe.

That's true for most of you. But I still have family back in Japan.

Right now by largest concern, brought to my attention by one of the many pundits I watched this weekend, is the possibility that North Korea may test one of their weapons just to give the world a real scare.

If they do that the wrong way it could have an immediate impact on Japan if radioactive material gets into the ocean around there. And that is far more possible than an actual attack from either North Korea or Iran.

Also, of the two regions of the world to which I will most likely be traveling to and living in during the rest of my life is Asia, miles from North Korea's prime targets.

Of course, Iran, which is believed to be far behind North Korea in its nuclear ambitions. Initially I was inclined to not care if Iran got the bomb or not, thinking it unlikely that they would ever use it. However, at this stage in the game I've come to accept that a nuclear-armed Iran would be problematic simply because they would have more impunity with which to support terrorist operations.

Still, I'm less likely to be personally affected by that.

So I'm still more worried about North Korea, I think. But you know as soon as I say that for sure Iranian terrorists will attack Mobile.

Ed Brock covers public safety and municipal governments for the News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753 ext. 254 or at ebrock@news-daily.com .