News for Saturday, February 19, 2005


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Child killed in shootout is laid to rest

By Ed Brock

Suspects not accountable for death of Henry officer

By Aisha I. Jefferson

Gunshot actually firecrackers

By Ed Brock

The wisdom of a child - Greg Gelpi

Bopping the pi?ata with a bat, the enthusiastic student pummeled his classmate in effigy.

Lost in the excess of New Orleans - Justin Boron

After missing two flights on the standby list and aggravating the waitress at the airport bar, I made it to New Orleans.

Legislative update: Budget is next major issue

By Justin Boron

State aims to add 500 DFCS caseworkers

By Ed Brock


February 18, 2005

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Local legislators recover after hospitalizations

By Justin Boron

Countdown is on one month at a time - Bob Paslay

There are 48 months in President Bush's second term. As a Democrat a fraction of a decade away from Social Security, I am marking off my calendar month by month.

Tolerance is a lesson for people of all ages - Tamara Boatwright

I put on my Birkenstock sandals, combed my very short hair, made sure I had two earrings in both ears, turned on the television and waited for the urge to become a homosexual to wash over me.

Pets of the Week

Faith is a gray tabby domestic shorthair. She is about 1 1/2 years old, and has been spayed. All vaccinations are current. Faith was abandoned at the door of Clayton County Humane Society, hungry and pregnant. She is a quiet, solitary cat. She is affectionate and loving with people, but frightened of other cats. She will do best as an "only cat." For more information, call the Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see more animals available for adoption.

Shall we just flip coins? - Ed Brock

The weekend's news has me dizzy trying to decide whom to fear more, Iran or North Korea.

Archives administration opens Ellenwood facility

By Justin Boron

Running into an iceberg at dinner - Zach Porter

Sometimes eating out can be a scary excursion into the unknown. You have to chose your restaurants carefully or you might wind up ordering a Caesar salad bowl filled with iceberg lettuce topped with a few prized scraps of romaine, as if you were a fool. And allow me a moment to tell you that iceberg lettuce has absolutely no nutritional value and if you like it then don't waste your time reading this column. You have no taste, just like the lettuce you eat.