Archives administration opens Ellenwood facility

By Justin Boron

The National Archives & Records Administration opened its new southeast region records facility in Ellenwood this week, two months before it will open the new federal archive building in Morrow to the public.

The 350,000-square foot records facility will store documents from the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Attorney Offices, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Energy, the Bureau of Housing and Urban Development, and the U.S. federal courts.

Local officials anticipate the two new archive facilities will generate economic development.

Court records will be open for public inspection, said James McSweeney, the archives southeast regional administrator.

But all other records will require authorization for access, he said.

The facility came to Ellenwood because it needed room for expansion, McSweeney said.

It had offers in various parts of the Atlanta metro area, but Highwoods properties made the best one, he said.

"We are pleased and honored to have the opportunity to build this award-winning, state-of-the-art facility," said Ed Fritsch, president of Highwoods.

Its proximity to the new federal archive in Morrow didn't play much of a role in the decision to locate in Ellenwood, but it has provided an incidental benefit, he said.

"The fact that (the federal archive building) is only five minutes away by car is all the more exceptional," McSweeney said.

The two buildings will have a distinct purposes.

The federal archives will be open to researchers and the general public and contain documents solely owned by the National Archives Records Administration while the records facility will hold records of other agencies that the administration has just agreed to store.