'Repo' man run down by car

By Ed Brock

A "repo man" on the job was hit by a woman driving a car he believed to be his target.

The victim, 49-year-old Dwayne Elkins of Douglasville, was looking for the car, a 2001 white Pontiac Grand Prix slated for repossession, on Tara Boulevard near Jonesboro around 2:07 a.m. Tuesday, according to Clayton County Police Officer Carl Tippens. He saw a car matching the description, with a "Quality One Auto" drive out tag, stopped near some pay phones in a parking lot of the Amoco Food Mart.

Also, the woman driving the car matched the description of the owner of the car Elkins was looking for. Elkins stopped his truck near the car then approached it to talk to the woman, and when he stepped in front of the car the woman accelerated quickly and hit him.

Elkins went onto the hood of the car, hit the windshield and rolled off onto the ground. The car sped off, going north on Tara Boulevard and then turning east onto Mt. Zion Road.

A witness who was riding with Elkins confirmed his story. Elkins was treated at the scene for complaints of leg, back and abdominal pain.