Suspended license suspect runs from, fights police

By Ed Brock

A Riverdale man led a Clayton County police officer on a wild chase then fought with him before finally being handcuffed.

After 33-year-old Anthony Augustus Kirkpatrick was finally subdued he told Clayton County Police Officer Victor Massarelli that he ran because he had a suspended license.

Around 12:20 p.m. Tuesday Massarelli observed a vehicle, the driver of which was later identified as Kirkpatrick, driving at a high rate of speed near the north end of Ga. Highway 85 outside Riverdale and began following it. Before Massarelli turned on his emergency lights he used a laser speed detection device to clock the car going around 90 mph, following too closely to other vehicles and forcing other vehicles off the road.

After the officer activated his lights the car went even faster despite the wet roadway and misty conditions. The chase continued onto E. Gardenwalk Boulevard and into Eagle's Crossing subdivision. Massarelli chased the car through several turns until they entered a cul de sac.

Massarelli positioned his car in front of Kirkpatrick's and Kirkpatrick ran into the patrol car and kept going. Finally he hit a mailbox and then a vehicle in a driveway before stopping the car, but Kirkpatrick then got out and started running. Massarelli knocked him down but as he was trying to handcuff Kirkpatrick a physical struggle ensued.

During the struggle Kirkpatrick tried to grab items from Massarelli's utility belt, including his pepper spray and gun, while Massarelli continued to hit him and finally sprayed him with the pepper spray.

After that Massarelli was able to handcuff Kirkpatrick and other officers arrived.

Kirkpatrick has been charged with flee and eluding an officer, leaving the scene of an accident, aggravated assault, obstructing an officer, striking a fixed object, taking an officer's weapon and driving on a suspended license.