Candidate to withdraw from Lovejoy election

By Justin Boron

Mike Morris, a candidate in the Lovejoy City Council election, said he will withdraw from race amid his indecision about where his permanent residence will be.

The son of a former Lovejoy mayor, Morris, 45, said he will file an official letter stating his withdrawal to City Hall in the coming days.

"The more I thought about it, it's just not going to be fair to the city."

He currently rents in the city and said his landlord will not give him a year lease.

Morris said he is looking to move to Butts or Pike County.

Meanwhile, Angela Cannon, 29, the opposition in the race, said she is not celebrating until Morris officially backs out.

Cannon failed in her first attempt to be elected to the City Council in September, losing to Wendy Andzeski.

She will join her former counterpart when she is sworn in at one of the next two council meetings.