Provocative is in for prom

By Aisha I. Jefferson

As teens across the country prepare for prom season, several Henry and Clayton county girls are deciding whether or not their dresses should be sexy this year.

Liz Campbell, a prom specialist with David's Bridal on Mount Zion Boulevard in Morrow, said it is 50-50 with girls going for a more sexy, grown up look and those going for the traditional.

"Some girls are self-conscious, (and) they don't want the low-cut dress," Campbell said.

India Jones, a Jonesboro High School senior, said she has seen a lot of girls go for very bright dresses that are low-cut in the front.

"I definitely think they (are going for a) sexy, elegant look," said Jones, who plans to go dress shopping with her mother.

Campbell said there are three dress styles girls are looking at this season: A Cinderella-esque ball gown that is fitted at the top and full at the bottom; a sleek gown that is fitted throughout, with a halter style or spaghetti straps; and a mermaid style that is fitted all the way down and flares out below the knee.

She said the ball gown is the most popular choice at her store.

Campbell said on average, about five girls inquire about prom each day during the week. That number doubles on the weekend.

Susan Cook, owner of Once Upon A Dream in McDonough, said she has noticed girls going for a more provocative look.

"Girls are (looking for) low-cut (in the front) and low backs," Cook said. "And the lace up back is real popular."

Toyleya Hand, a Jonesboro High senior, is one such girl, admitting she is looking for her prom dress to be a little sexy.

"Because I usually don't have a chance to dress up, and I want it to be sexy," Hand said. "I don't know about other people's moms, but my mom is fine with it."

Hand's mother, Brenda Dukes, confirmed her daughter's dress can be sexy but "not too sexy."

"She can show just a litte cleavage but not too much," Dukes said.

"I want a low back with criss-cross," Hand said, as she looked through the Alyce Designs gown book she said her school gave the girls. Hand pointed to a long, form-fitting strapless red gown with sequined embroidery.

A self-proclaimed last-minute person, Hand said she has not bought her dress yet.

With five weeks until her prom, Jonesboro High senior Rachel Harris said she plans to have her dress made.

"I want a halter top dress; I want it long," she said. "I want it low cut in the back... but not that (low)."

Cook also said red is making a come back this year in addition to the brighter colors.

Donna Loudermilk said her 16-year-old fraternal twins, Brooke and Tara, have varying tastes.

"One of them likes (her dress) real poofy; the other likes it real sleek," Loudermilk said.

But Loudermilk said she is not worried that her daughters will dress too sexy for Luella High School's prom.

"Their daddy would have a fit," she said.