Jonesboro man charged in double homicide

By Greg Gelpi

During an early morning operation, Fayette County Sheriff's deputies arrested William Eddie Robbins, 49, of Jonesboro in connection with two 2003 homicides.

Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard charged Robbins with two counts of felony murder and two counts of malice murder, Lt. Belinda McCastle said. David Mangham, 48, and Francis Michael Fowler, 48, were found shot to death in Mangham's home in 2003.

Robbins appeared in state court Tuesday for his first appearance and was denied bond.

Investigators linked him to the killings through a Colt .45 that he owns and believe to be the murder weapon. Ballard said both victims were found shot twice in the head.

Ballard said during a press conference that robbery is possibly the motive.

Robbins' attorney is Ricky Morris, according to court records, who is out of the country.