How to keep those resolutions - Gerry Yandel

I'm not really a fan of New Year's resolutions... perhaps because I have such a hard time keeping the darned things.

I'm not sure if it's because I set my goals too high, or if it's because I never intended to keep them to begin with.

It seems to me that those specific resolutions I have made in the past always turn out to be things I should be doing anyway. Things like quitting smoking, spend more time with my kids, exercise, diet are all lifestyle choices I should be striving for on a daily basis.

Then there's the whole post-Thanksgiving process of whittling down all the things I should do into the things I can do before trimming it down to the things I will do.

Never mind that those things eventually become this I don't do.

Then they get shuffled aside conveniently into resolutions to be considered the following year... sufficiently dealt with for 11 months.

Somewhere along the line, I figured out a sure-fire way to make sure I kept ALL my resolutions... don't make any.

That's done a couple of beneficial things for me.

First and foremost, I don't have to beat myself up for being weak; secondly, it makes me concentrate on those basics -- my health, for example -- that I should be working on anyway.

And, thirdly, it keeps my perfect score intact for keeping my resolutions.

That said, this year I broke with tradition and made a resolution: No more wasting money and time with online dating.

By the time you read this, my subscription to Match.com will be kaput, and my eharmony subscription will be close behind.

And I'm right where I started, except several dollars poorer.

Not that it hasn't been a lot of fun... most of the time. (Sometimes it's been bizarre, and once it was downright scary.)

I met plenty of interesting women and had many pleasant dinners. There were even a few lucid conversations thrown in from time to time.

As far as I can tell, I gave as good as I got.

But, I have decided there is nothing more to be learned from it.

Actually, the whole concept seems like it would be a non-starter.

It's very difficult to sell yourself in a thumbnail profile with a couple of tiny pictures. The profiles start sounding the same, filled with identical clich?d hopes, trite sayings and shoot-for-the-stars ideals.

And that whole idea seems a little far-fetched... and, thus, the reason for breaking my tradition of non-resolutions.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm headed to the grocery store to see if I can find a friendly woman to help me figure me how to cook dinner.

Gerry Yandel is the city editor for the Daily Herald. His column appears Monday. He can be reached at 770-957-9161 or gyandel@henryherald.com