Moss' antics out of line

By Doug Gorman

For the most part, I have quit watching professional sports.

I am turned off by the attitudes of many professional athletes.

They think it is their birth right to act a certain way just because they are making huge multi-million dollar salaries.

It's a sign that money is power and the rest of us "low-class" working stiffs just better stay out of their way.

Sure, guys like Falcon running back Warrick Dunn more than give back to the community, but for every guy like Dunn, there are a bunch of bad apples who want to set poor examples for our children, who idolize them.

It makes me feel sorry for the professional athletes who are solid citizens.

Former NBA basketball player Charles Barkley was right when he said "pro athletes aren't role models."

At the time, Barkley took heat for his statement. The now retired basketball player was trying to say parents and other family members are better suited to be role models for children.

In this day and age, he is more right than ever.

I don't have children of my own, but I certainly wouldn't want my niece or nephew idolizing somebody like Vikings' receiver Randy Moss.

Moss' nickname should be "Bad News."

It's impossible to talk about the NFL's best wide receivers without mentioning Moss in the conversation. He can catch anything thrown his way, and he is a quarterback and head coach's dream.

That's where my admiration for the man stops.

Randy Moss is an embarrassment to the league.

Last weekend in the playoff game against Green Bay, Moss crossed the line when he pretended to drop his pants and moon Packer fans sitting in the end zone.

Moss' attempt at humor wasn't funny. He is nothing but a showboat.

Thankfully, the NFL didn't find any humor in Moss' antics either and fined him S10,000.

Just the week before, Moss walked off the field with two seconds remaining in the game when it was apparent the Vikings were going to lose to Washington 21-18.

Okay, there were just two seconds remaining in the contest, and the Vikings still needed to recover an on-side kick and find the way to put the ball in the end zone to pull out the victory, but leaving the field was a slap in the face to his teammates and Viking fans.

What's next for Moss, showing up late or getting drunk the night before the game should the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl?

Perhaps the blame for out of control athletes rests with owners such as the Vikings' Red McCombs who continues to put up with bad behavior from certain athletes.

If McCombs and other owners were CEOs of a Fortune 500 company would they put up with bad behavior from an employee? Of course not.

McCombs apparently sees nothing wrong with Moss' mooning gesture.

He does see something wrong with Fox broadcaster Joe Buck for calling Moss on the carpet during last week's game. McCombs was upset enough at Buck, he asked the Fox network to remove the award winning play-by-play man from the Vikings-Eagles' playoff game this weekend.

Thankfully, Fox refused to buckle under to McCombs' silly request.

Even as a journalist, Buck has a right to his opinion. His comments about Moss' gesture to the crowd just stated the obvious that Randy Moss' antics are out of control.

Red McCombs doesn't need to try and baby sit members of the media.

Now, baby sitting Randy Moss might be a different story.

(Doug Gorman is sports editor of the Daily. His column appears on Fridays. He can be e-mailed to dgorman@news-daily.com )