Shook likes coaching in middle school

By Anthony Rhoads

When it comes to coaching, for Greg Shook it's pretty much 'been there, done that.'

As an assistant for A.C. McCullers at Morrow High School, Shook helped guide the Morrow girls to five region titles, two Final Four and two state championship game appearances in six years.

When McCullers was named the Clayton State women's head coach in 1999, Shook joined Clayton State as an assistant. Shook remained at Clayton State until McCullers' resignation last year.

Shook went to Lovejoy Middle School and is now the head coach of the girls' basketball team. So far, the team is doing well and was 8-0 going into Thursday.

"They're learning," Shook said. "They're working hard and are doing everything I've asked them to. You can't ask for more than that. They're a good group of kids."

Even though there are definitely some differences in middle school, high school and college basketball, it boils down to teaching and coaching.

"At the high school level, A.C. did a good job teaching. I learned a lot from him and that was great," Shook said.

"At the college level, it's recruiting the best athletes. These kids at the middle school level are in the development level. It's a lot of fun; I'm glad we're having such a good year but it's all because of their hard work."