GBI to meet with Hill today

By Justin Boron

The GBI will meet with Sheriff Victor Hill this morning to determine whether an investigation into the possible overstock in the jail warehouse is needed.

Hill revealed to reporters voluminous boxes of inmate uniforms, sheets, pillow cases, mattresses, and even hundreds of chess boards that he says are unnecessary and evident of "at the very least, mismanagement" or at the most, purchasing impropriety.

One million bedsheets, 10,000 inmate uniforms, and hundreds of checker boards, chess sets, basketaballs and other games raised suspicions in Hill's new leadership team.

Hill could not provide any invoices to substantiate the numbers, preferring to wait for the findings of the GBI investigation.

Chief Deputy William Cassells said the office is assembling as much of a paper trail as it can. But he suspects some of the documents may have been destroyed before Hill came into office.

Cassells said he witnessed the shredding of documents but concedes he doesn't know exactly what was being destroyed.

"There is a lot of unanswered questions," he said.

Some of the stored equipment is outdated and unusable, Cassells said.

"A lot of the stuff we will not be able to send back," he said.

Former Sheriff Stanley Tuggle said Saturday he has no comment on the Hill allegations.