Students arrested after fight

By Ed Brock

Eight students at the Clayton County Alternative School were arrested following a fight between two of the students that grew into a larger altercation that included police.

Dartrevis Carr of Ellenwood, Tony George of Hampton and Jamal Gant of Jonesboro, all 17, were arrested along with five juveniles, two 16-year-olds, two 15-year-olds and an 14-year-old, face charges including simple battery, disrupting a public school, disorderly conduct and, in George's case, escape, according to Clayton County police.

The incident began around 8:15 a.m. when Carr and George started fighting in the hallway.

"Apparently this stemmed from a fight that occurred the day before between younger siblings of both boys," Turner said.

Two other boys joined the fight as an unknown student tried to break it up. When the school's Student Resource Officer Jeremy Hutto came into the hall he saw several of the students breaking away, took George and one of the minors into custody and put them in the office with orders not to move.

One student ignored commands to clear the hallway and continued to walk back and forth cursing. Hutto, who had called for backup, saw George trying to leave the school but at that moment another officer entered who then recaptured George.

The student who was cursing and refusing commands continued to resist as other officers came and at one point two officers extended their retractable batons. A third officer knocked the student down with a foot sweep so the batons were never used.

None of the eight were injured during the incident, said Turner and Clayton County Schools spokesman Charles White. They were put into the custody of juvenile court officials.