Man stabbed during drug deal

By Ed Brock

A Jonesboro man said two people to whom he was about to sell marijuana stabbed and robbed him.

Around 12:10 a.m. Tuesday Clayton County Police Officer Mitch Kincaid responded to a call about a stabbing on Valley Hill Road near Riverdale and found Jonathan Roshaun Hamler, 23, lying on the road, his shirt "saturated" with blood, according to Kincaid's report. Paramedics would later find that Hamler had been stabbed in the chest and abdomen and had suffered other cuts on his elbow and the back of his head.

Hamler told police that he went to a house on Whipporwill Way to sell the residents there, a man and woman, a $20 bag of marijuana. The man and woman attacked him, beating and stabbing him and then taking the drugs and $100 in cash. Hamler said the man and woman then ran away and he walked to Valley Hill Road where he collapsed.

After Hamler was taken to the hospital Kincaid went to the house and saw that the front door appeared to have been forced open. He went inside and found the house to "be in shambles" with blood on the living room floor, the living room furniture toppled over and a large amount of blood in the kitchen.

Nobody was at the house and Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said the man and woman supposedly involved in the attack had not yet been found Tuesday afternoon. Kincaid talked to a man identified only as "Quincy" who told him that he had driven Hamler to the Whipporwill Way house and then fallen asleep in the car while Hamler was inside. Quincy told Kincaid that he hadn't seen or heard anything and when he woke up he drove down to the area where Hamler was lying on the ground, at which time he got the residents of a house there to call 911.

Hamler was taken by air ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center but his injuries were not expected to be life threatening, Turner said.