Attorney files federal motion against Hill

By Justin Boron

Harlan Miller, the attorney for the deputies fired by Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, said he filed a motion in federal court Friday that asks for the employees to be restored to the positions they filled before Hill suddenly dismissed them Jan. 3.

Hill reinstated the deputies as part of an agreement with the county government but demoted them to corrections officers in the county jail.

Some of the deputies had been supervisors in the jail.

Hill has characterized the numerous suits filed by Miller as frivilous.

Miller said he is using every means possible to force Hill to comply with the law and provide relief to his clients.

A judge has not decided whether Hill's demotions are legal within the county's civil service system. A judge also has not ruled on whether Hill's demotions violate a temporary restraining order issued Jan. 4 that stipulates that the sheriff restore the "status quo."