Cable car becoming mode of victory in Pro Division

By Anthony Rhoads

Chris Cable is a fast learner.

In his first year of competing in the Pro Division at Thursday Thunder, he's raced to two straight victories including a dominating win last night where he led all 20 laps.

"It's awesome," Cable said. "The Pro guys are extremely tough to win against. The hard work is paying off. I'd like to have three in a row. I want to try and win as many as I can."

Beau Slocumb came in second and last year's pro champion Chris Dilbeck was third. Brent Seeley and Bubba Harry crashed right at the finish line with Seeley taking fourth and Harry coming in fifth.

"I love it," Cable said. "It's an awesome feeling when you win against guys like (four-time Pro Division champion) Doug (Stevens), Brent, Dilbeck and Bubba. It's awesome. It's a great feeling. You can't get much better than this."

Now that he's won two in a row, he's in contention to possibly compete for the points title. He started the season in 12th place but going into this week, he was fourth in the Pro points standings.

"I want to win at least one more," Cable said. "I want to be in contention in the last race. I want to be upfront and race for the championship."

While Cable started on the inside pole in the feature race and then dominated his way to victory, he had to fight his way through the field in the heat race.

Cable started seventh in the heat race and came back to second place going into the final lap. He was able to take the lead on the final lap and win the heat race, which put him on the inside pole for the feature race.

"You have to be consistent every lap," Cable said. "If you slip up one lap, it's all over. You've got to have position. You have to be on the inside; you can't pass on the outside here. Track position is very key here."

Cable hopes to continue to improve this season and possibly follow in the footsteps of such Thursday Thunder alumni as Busch Series racer Reed Sorenson and ARCA and NASCAR racer David Ragan.

"It feels great," Cable said. "You can't ask for much better than this. This is the top division; it's faster than the Masters and it's faster than the Semi-Pros. Pros is top-notch when you look at guys like David and Reed, especially Reed with what he' s doing in the Busch series."

Four in a row: Ryan Gandee continued his dominance of the Young Guns division last night as he won his fourth straight race. Gandee is in his second year of competing in Young Guns. Last year, he won one race and finished fifth in the points standings.

Three out of four: Darrell Wallace is getting pretty comfortable in victory lane this year. Wallace raced to his third win of the year last night in the Bandits Division.