Letters to the Editor

Constitutional right to drive while using phone doesn't exist

For County Commissioner Mike Beaudreau to make a statement that he believes that government is already too involved in our lives when referring to a ban on cell phone use while driving ("Leaders: Gwinnett isn't likely to ban drivers' cell phone use," July 5) tells me that he needs to wake up.

We have no constitutional right to use cell phones and endanger the lives of others while we drive. We don't have a right to drive; it is a privilege given to us by the state. The Constitution says I have the right to own a handgun. Does that give me the right to drive around in my car with it in my hand?

I've been driving for more than 37 years. What did we do 37 years ago when cell phones were just a dream? Parents should be more concerned about putting a book into the hands of their children, not a cell phone. What has happened to the way parents and government leaders think today?

While driving to work just this past Friday on my Harley, I was almost run off the road three times along Ga. Highway 316 while heading to work. Imagine that: all the drivers were teenagers, and all of them were on cell phones. Is Mike Beaudreau going to pay my medical expenses when a cell-carrying teenager runs me off the road and injures me? Are he and government officials that think like him going to bring back those loved ones killed by those driving while using a cell phone?

While we are at it let's go ahead and make it legal to drive while under the influence; is this not the same thing? Driving while using a cell phone impairs your driving, so why not just let the drunks get on the road?

I think that we Georgians need to stand up and let the state government know that we won't take this any longer. The governor needs to know that there are a lot of voters out here that feel he needs to take action now.

- John Waszczak