Baby-sitter charged in death of child

From staff reports

A Clayton County man has been charged with beating to death a child he was baby-sitting after the child began crying.

Philanders Lamont Bowie, 24, of 1911 Garden Wood Court in College Park was charged with murder on Friday, two days after the child died from being hit and manhandled.

The child, 1-year-old, Makala Denise Valley died Wednesday, but Clayton County Police said it was only after several interviews that Bowie admitted harming the child.

The child's mother, who lived at the same address as Bowie and which a police report said was his girlfriend, was not home at the time of the killing and therefore was not charged, police said.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab concluded that the child died of "blunt force trauma."

According to a Clayton County Police report from Assistant Chief Jeff Turner, Bowie told investigators he "lost control and started throwing the victim into a baby bouncer seat several times" after the child began crying excessively. "He also admitted to striking the child several times with his fist about her body."

County Police officer K.T. Hughes said in his report that rescue workers were working on the child on the couch of the apartment when he arrived but died soon after that. He said the rescue workers pointed out several bruises on the child's stomach and face. The incident happened around 10 p.m.

Bowie, who was standing outside the apartment when police arrived, initially said he called for help when the child suddenly began vomiting. He said he had lived in the apartment since June 5 and had a fight with his girlfriend that day and had left for a while. But he said he received a call asking him to baby-sit since she had to go to work.

He told investigators his girlfriend "treated him like a child and has something to say about everything he does."