Competitors flex muscles in NPC Georgia Championships

By Yasmin Neal

Bodies of bronze rotated, moved and gyrated, as 104 contestants competed in the NPC sanction Georgia Bodybuilding Championships at the Clayton County Center for Performing Arts Saturday night.

The qualifying pre-judging was earlier that morning.

The auditorium was packed with interested onlookers and supporters who came to cheer on their favorite body.

Among them were fitness gurus and bodybuilders.

The emcee, Tony Metcalf, narrated the program, entertained the crowd with witty remarks, and introduced each competitor. Each segment began with a line up of the competitors for that weight class, followed by turning segments. After the initial line-up, competitors came back out for their individual posing segments.

As the crowd screamed for their favorite competitors, the contestants flexed, some even danced and gyrated to their designated music selections.

Women and men alike, graced the stage and flexed and posed.

Ooil and bronzer added to the appeal and emphasized the definition of the bodies of the competitors under the stage lights.

NPC Iron Man judge, Howard White, said they were looking for, "A combination of conditioned muscles, ripped with 6-pack, an overall balance, and muscle fullness," he continued with, "The wellness of tan also, being too pale washes out the view of the muscles, along with too much movement and gyrating."

Roc Shabazz, IFBB pro, was also a judge. "I have been judging for 6 years in the southern states, I only judge for NPC."

The winners: Mike Rice OVERALL WINNER Alicia Adams WOMEN'S OVERALL , Bert Mullinax Junior OVERALL Drew Dinwiddie- Novice OVERALL- Streater Duncan - Teenage OVERALL Master 35 Reginald Greene Master 50+ Mike Abbott Competitor Olen Harris from Hoschton, had dropped 40 lbs in 3 months to prepare or this competition.

Harris said, "I initially weighed in at 254lbs and I weighed in this morning at 214 1/4lbs.

"I use my own supplements and my own trainers."

Harris came in as runner-up in his division. He is a personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Lilburn and is the National Accounts Manager for High-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Jeff Aderhold was another competitor from Lawrenceville, "I have been training for 15 years. I dieted for this for 8 weeks, but I have been training for this for a little over a year," Aderhold said.

Aderhold's words of advice to any aspiring builders were to make realistic goals. When asked about his best feature he said his legs would be it, or the quadracepts to be more precise. Ryan Cieslak, also from Lawrenceville also felt his legs were his best feature.

"My inspiration is the drive to get on stage and compete, because there is a lot of dedication needed, and a person just has to be patient and present the best you," Cieslak said.

After the 104 contestants presented their best "them" on stage, there was a 10 minute intermission, which was followed by the presentation of the awards for the weight class winners and the Posedown for the overall class.

The title of Ms. Georgia was won by Alicia Adams of Marietta.

The title of Mr. Georgia was given to Mike Rice of Marietta. Rice is in Chiropractic School at Life University and weighed in earlier at 232 lbs.

"It feels great to win, I have been training for 15 years and only 16 weeks for this," Rice said

"I am looking forward to nationals in November."

Rice was surrounded by fellow classmates and friends alike.

He was requesting their assistance backstage, acknowledging the fact that his trophy stood a little over 2 feet tall.