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State could pay quarter million for median project

By Michael Davis

A fond farewell to Clayton and Henry counties - Anthony Rhoads

Back in December of 1999, I came to the News Daily for a job interview with former managing editor Mitch Sneed.

Time to dig in or get out in baseball - Justin Boron

It is that time of the year – a couple of weeks before or after the Major League Baseball All-star break – and your team is either in or out.

A&F billboard is just too provocative - Aisha I. Jefferson

Today's column is dedicated to topics that make you go hmmm.

The storm that wasn't - Ed Brock

It was well after 10 p.m. when my mother called to tell me she was on her way from Mobile with my father, brother, sister, niece, nephew and brother-in-law.

Preparing to take the reins - Shannon Jenkins

My generation of late twenty-somethings will be running the show in a few years, and I hope we're all ready when that time comes.

Letters to the Editor

CAFTA would further erode independence, cause loss of jobs

The big move is going down - Rob Felt

As reliably as you throw away your old calendar every Jan. 1 and get a new one, I move into a new apartment. The cycle has been hard to break, and each move has been surrounded by its own set of supporting arguments and issues to work out.

Pets of the Week

June 30, 2005

Mass exodus of school employees sets off alarm

By Bob Paslay

Life's little journeys - Michael Davis

Some roads you take in life are pretty difficult to navigate. You're barreling along at about 80 miles per hour and all of the sudden you see a sign announcing there's a major detour up ahead.

Jonesboro mayor receives award

From Staff Reports

Potter-mania about to erupt in Clayton County

By Laura McMillan


July 13, 2005

A proud Democrat offers the party advice - Bob Paslay

I make no apologies for it - I am a Democrat. I occasionally listen to Franklin Roosevelt speeches. I was inspired by President Kennedy as a junior high school student. In college, I felt the pain while reading of President Woodrow Wilson's struggles to form the League of Nations. In fact, my grandfather, a great old Southern lawyer and Shriner, attended the convention that nominated Wilson and somewhere in my mountain of junk, I have the platform and booklet from that convention.

Hearing set on Conley Road expansion

By Ed Brock

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Letter to the Editor

July 7, 2005