Letters to the Editor

We could do worse

Well, once again we have been regaled with another segment of "The world according to Cal 'The Reverend' Thomas." I say Reverend because Thomas usually laces his outpourings of prejudicial rhetoric with sanctimonious renderings of biblical scripture.

In his most recent column ("Teaching the Constitution," July 14) he has deigned to advise the president on who he should nominate to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, whom Thomas has deemed a "disappointment" to religious conservatives. He went on to crow about how he was right and President Reagan was wrong in selecting O'Connor in the first place because of her failure to be in constant lock-step with the religious right in rendering her opinions.

How dare she deviate from the game plan and act according to her heartfelt beliefs in her decisions. There just doesn't seem to be any wriggle room in Thomas' philosophy for diverse opinions and that, in my opinion, makes him irrelevant.

Thomas makes reference to Reagan's alleged assurance to the Rev. Jerry Falwell that O'Connor would fall in line on the abortion issue. Are we to believe that Supreme Court judges are to be appointed according the whims of the likes of Jerry Falwell? The idea that the highest court in the land should be manipulated by a fringe group, religious or otherwise, is repugnant and unacceptable.

The question should not be whether a Supreme Court judge is liberal or conservative in his political philosophy. It should be that he or she is fair minded in rendering decisions in accordance with constitutional law. Cal Thomas' opinion aside, we could do a lot worse than having another O'Connor on the court.

- George Morin