Letters to the Editor

Aid to Africa

The world is clamoring for more of our money to aid Africa. Last year the U.S. sent over $3 billion to Africa. I don't agree that foreign aid is the answer. A free-market economy and human rights is the key. The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., studied countries all over the world as far as economic success (see their "2005 Index of Economic Freedom).

Examples of countries on the list who practice free-market and human rights are: Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxembourg, Estonia, Ireland, England and the United States. It is no accident that these are economically successful! The countries with poor human rights and few economic freedoms are: North Korea, Zimbabwe, Angola and Congo. Isn't it obvious that the key to prosperity is economic freedom and individual human rights and not more foreign aid? This is a lesson on our home soil as well: Limited government equals economic liberty and human rights.

- D. Pittman


New jobs ... for whom?

Residents of Houston County are ecstatic that Perdue Farms is bringing 925 badly needed jobs to their county. I certainly hope it works out well for these people but I fear they do not fully realize that they are likely not getting what they have prayed for.

These 925 jobs, and likely many if not most of the jobs created by support activities, will eventually largely employ illegal aliens. Poultry processors like Perdue Farms have a history of using illegal aliens. Routinely, a poultry plant comes to town, and although initially hiring local labor, gradually increases the numbers of foreign workers, usually illegal, to replace local citizens. It may not happen at first but the practice is systemic to this industry. The only local people who will prosper are the business owners, managers and politicians. The common American worker will eventually get the shaft.

Poultry processors prefer illegal aliens because it helps keep wages for all workers low, illegals seldom claim disability for injuries and they are much more compliant to unfair and dangerous work practices. American workers become fearful to report injuries, ask for better working conditions and are locked in to low wages. The meat packing industry used to be well paid but in order to break the unions and otherwise cut costs, American workers have been systematically replaced by illegal aliens. Those who doubt what I say need only visit a city or county that has had a poultry processing plant, or similar industry, for several years to see the changes inflicted on the local American working class.

I wish the fine citizens of Houston County good luck. They will need it.

- Ernest Wade