Letters to the Editor

Will Kennedy mark this anniversary?

Sen. Ted Kennedy never fails to let anything negative to the Bush administration be forgotten as noted by his "anniversary reminder" press release of the one-year anniversary of the Abu Ghraib prison incident. I feel it important we recognize another anniversary.

July 18 was the 36th anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. Thirty-six years ago, Kennedy drove off a bridge into Poucha Pond and managed to save himself but left her in the car to suffocate and die. He claimed he made numerous attempts to save her but was unsuccessful. He even retrieved friends who also tried but couldn't reach her.

Kennedy could have and should have called the police, who would have summoned proper help. Had he done that, Kopechne would have survived. Instead, brave Ted worked for hours at salvaging his political career, leaving her to die a slow, agonizing death as she ran out of air. What must have gone through her mind during the two hours she clung to life in that air pocket? We'll never know.

We do know, however, that his failure to do what was right and proper cost a woman her life, an act for which he has never been held properly accountable. Some continue to support him, as the people of Massachusetts re-elect him again and again, although he has ceased being anything more than a muckraker for decades. He trots out the same time-worn views and holier-than-thou attitude, all the while desperately ignoring the skeleton in his closet.

For 36 years, this event has been stashed away like an old coat, too shabby to be worn and too shameful to be taken out for cleaning. Fortunately, that bespoke garment still fits him. Rest in peace, Ms. Kopechne - some of us haven't forgotten.

- Tony Rivera