Board calls clean-up meeting, reviews policies

By Johnny Jackson

The Clayton County Board of Education Policy Committee have called a meeting slated to proceed at 6:30 p.m. today.

District IX board member Connie Kitchens said that the Board may consider filling vacancies in county school personnel, one reason for the called meeting. There are several administrative personnel recommendations and policy amendments on the Board agenda.

District II board member Lois Baines-Hunter expressively anticipates working for a resolution in Clayton County School transportation.

"I hope we have more clarity on where we're going and what we're doing," Baines-Hunter said. "There is a need to attract more transportation workers.

"Transportation is one of the most important parts of student achievement. And our transportation drivers set the mood and pace for our students.

"If we want our students to achieve, we have to look at every aspect of our education," Baines-Hunter said, who also campaigns to alleviate modular classrooms for students.

"We need to build schools with ample space to grow and expand," she said.