Vick camp is picture perfect for area teen

By Yasmin Neal

Special to the Daily

The walls of 13 year-old Bryan Sorrows' room are full of pictures of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. But now there's sure to be one with the two of them together to join them.

Sorrow, a McDonough resident, never imagined he would be pictured in Sports Illustrated with Vick. But while attending the NFL All-Pro's football camp from May 19th-23rd at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, the magazine used a shot of seven campers, including Sorrow, for its July 4 edition story on Vick.

The selection was made by the coaches in attendance on the basis of quality characteristics exemplified by the campers in attendance. It was Sorrows' second year attending the camp, and the Henry County Middle School student had a big reason why he wanted to return.

"He calls us by name," said Sorrows, who attended the camp with his twin brother. "(One day) Mike said, 'Hi Bryan,' and I was thinking, 'How does he know my name?'"

His mother Dawn Sorrows, a volunteer at the camp, equally agreed in regards to Vick's cordialness and interactions with the children.

"He loves those kids, he gets out there, and he actually plays with them and he actually teaches them and shows them how to do things," said Dawn Sorrows, who added that the Falcons quarterback has sent autographed cleats, footballs and other items to her son's Locust Grove recreation youth league teams to be auctioned off for its fund raisers.

"He does a lot for the kids, he sincerely loves them," she said.

Unlike some other NFL name camps, Vick hasn't shied away from interacting with campers, who practice in morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Falcons teammates Peerless Price, Patrick Kerney and Dez White were among Vick's guests during the camp.

In the meantime, Sorrows already has his mind set on his collegiate football career.

While a Vick fan, Sorrows doesn't want to attend Virginia Tech, Vick's alma mater. Instead, he has his sights set on playing for the University of Miami Hurricanes.

"I want to go to Miami, because I like the Hurricanes," said Sorrows, who will be playing for the Locust Grove Hurricanes this fall.

For now, Sorrows will make sure he doesn't miss next year's camp - or the year after - according to his mother, who said he plans to try to "attend the football camp every year until he is 18 years old."