Letters to the Editor

June 28, 2005

Rampant abuse of judicial authority

To the editor:

Recently our illustrious supreme court handed down a decision that has severly assaulted our rights as individuals and our rights to own property. This is a sad day in our nation's history ... our founders are rolling in their graves. The fifth amendment has been grossly misused in this case by the "highest" court in our nation.

There are only eight states...EIGHT!!!!!...that have laws on the books to stop this kind of land theft. If you don't know what I'm talking about then pull your head out of you rear and look at the world around you, our rights as indviduals are being stolen and raped. This is rampant abuse of judicial authority/activism at its height friends. The left in the words ted kennedy are "waging a war on the individual" and yesterday a mighty blow was struck on behalf of that war effort. If this disturbs you then I would encourage you to write and call your local, state and federal reps/senators and voice your displeasure with this decision. And also your support of legislation in Georgia to prevent uses of land theft by local and city government in the name of increased tax revenue. If you don't know who your reps are or how to get in contact with these people you can go to foxnews.com or gopteamleader.com (of which I am a member, and if you would like to join up feel free to contact me) to get contact information on your representatives. And I'm sure there are numerous other sites where such info may be attained. Please stand up for our rights...your rights...and get loud about this decision.

Adam K. Miller


Officers to hit the road for the holiday

To the editor:

Impaired drivers cause more than a third of Georgia's total traffic fatalities each year. Last year, that translated into a human cost of more than 500 funerals for Georgia families. So the Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has a message for impaired drivers this Independence Day. "If You Drink and Drive, You'll Lose."

Georgia law enforcement officers from OPERATION ZERO-TOLERANCE (OZT) will be out in full force this July-4th holiday travel period, and if you're drinking and driving, they'll be looking for you. Through Monday, July 4, GOHS will mobilize officers from more than 500 law enforcement agencies throughout the state for OZT duty.

State Troopers, police, and sheriff's deputies will set-up saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints across the state where drunk drivers least expect them. Most drivers will simply receive a safety brochure, but motorists who are caught driving drunk or under the influence of drugs will go to jail.

For drivers stopped after drinking or using drugs, being caught, arrested, and prosecuted can cost thousands of dollars for defense and fines. You can lose your car, your license, and your liberty if the charge is vehicular homicide. So, your local law enforcement agencies urge you: if you plan to party, plan first for a designated driver, plan to take a taxi or plan to spend the night.

It is Zero Tolerance in Georgia this July 4th. "You drive impaired, you will go to jail". And this year, the OZT campaign is part of the One Hundred Days of Summer Heat initiative launched by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. Summer Heat will run from now through the end of the Labor Day holiday travel period in September. High profile patrols are scheduled all summer long to raise safe driver awareness, especially about the deadly consequences of speed.

Summer Heat is supported across the state by the Georgia Sheriff's Association, the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Georgia State Patrol. They'll all be on patrol during the July 4th Zero Tolerance Mobilization in Georgia from June 24 to July 4th, 2004.

Robert F. Dallas,

Director Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety