Letters to the Editor

Welcome to paradise

Our country, the good old U.S.A., has always been known as the land of the free. The Statue of Liberty is an awesome presence welcoming immigrants looking for freedom. We recently celebrated the 229th anniversary of this great nation.

I would like to gather a host of Christians to cooperate in an effort to buy an island. On this island we would have the freedom to have prayer and Bible reading allowed in the schools. There would be no denial of any religious displays in government or publicly owned buildings. No abortions would be allowed. The baby that is aborted is not a so-called fetus.

Our children would be protected from sex offenders by having no bail given to second-time offenders. In addition, after a second conviction the sex offender would be locked up for keeps.

Come to think of it, our country was founded by people who believed in those things. I know my anecdote is a product of my imagination. It certainly would not work because freedom-loving people allow people of all persuasions to enter and become citizens.

Our constitutional republic has protected minorities. We made some mistakes, such as allowing slavery, not allowing women to vote and some other inequities that have been corrected, or are in the process of being corrected.

Incidentally, this nation is not a democracy. It is, as mentioned above, a constitutional republic with checks and balances for all branches of our government.

I still love this great country, and I pray for its preservation and progress.

- The Rev. John J. Taylor


Kudos to free-thinking

Amen to the comments of both George Morin ("Government, firms to blame for hiring cheap illegal labor," July 29) and Ernest Wade ("New jobs ... for whom?" July 19) on the hiring of illegal aliens. It is so true what Morin says about "American workers who could not possibly subsist on the miserable wages paid to illegals" and the complicity of government and business firms in hiring illegals.

Remember back when the Libertarian Party clamored for open borders? You don't hear much of that talk nowadays, do you? No wonder those guys are stuck at about 1 percent of the vote or less.

I still say fence off the Southern border. It would be a good public works project at a fraction of what we now spend on illegal foreign aid and a drastic but effective measure.

Also, keep in mind, foreign aid is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution. I can remember Morin taking shots at foreign aid in previous letters. Good for him. Someone needs to.

Congressional Republicans with few exceptions vote for this wasteful and counterproductive madness, just like the Demo-left, probably trying to show compassion for the downtrodden while actually lining the pockets of despots with your tax dollars.

Have you considered hiring these two gentleman as columnists, replacing Cal Thomas and Bill Shipp? You could have replaced Thomas with Joe Sobran (sobran.com) years ago. To me, Sobran is the best of the national columnists.

I invite all to check him out, a free-thinker, and also call the toll-free message of America's best congressman, Dr. Ron Paul of Texas at 1-888-322-1414 or visit his Web site at ronpaul.org.

Morin and Wade have astutely zeroed in on the problem of illegals. If only our elected officials had the backbone to deal with the issue.

- Marshall Miller