News for Tuesday, July 5, 2005


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Patriotism makes tradition stick - Justin Boron

Grilling, ice cold beverages, being outdoors, and now fireworks. Finally.

Quit pushing my buttons - Shannon Jenkins

Last week I paid off one of my credit cards.

Youth league tournaments heat up

From staff reports

Some words in defense of Tom - Ed Brock

First, allow me to say I don't know what is wrong with Tom Cruise these days.

Letters to the Editor

Smoking ban takes precious freedoms

Local women celebrating life at 102-years-old

By Laura McMillan

Patriots at work

By Ed Brock

Pets of the Week

June 30, 2005

The big move is going down - Rob Felt

As reliably as you throw away your old calendar every Jan. 1 and get a new one, I move into a new apartment. The cycle has been hard to break, and each move has been surrounded by its own set of supporting arguments and issues to work out.

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All quiet for Clayton County's 4th of July

By Ed Brock

Suit against sheriff going to mediation

By Justin Boron