Man shot in face during robbery

By Ed Brock

Shot twice in the face and forced into the trunk of a car, the victim of a robbery managed to get away near Clayton County's busiest intersection. The incident was the second day of robbery-violence in the county.

The alleged robber, 25-year-old Paul Parkinson of Jonesboro, then sped into the intersection of Upper Riverdale Road and Tara Boulevard, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said. Parkinson drove right into Frank Crane of Smyrna who was on his way home from work Wednesday evening, driving north on Tara Boulevard.

"It scared the hell out of me," Crane said. "If I hadn't swerved I would've hit him in the side."

Instead Crane's pickup truck clipped the trunk of Parkinson's Mitsubishi that had come across the intersection from Upper Riverdale Road, sending the vehicle into another car that was stopped at the light. Parkinson jumped out of the car and ran, Turner said.

He was captured a short time later in the woods behind the nearby Holiday Inn. Police initially knew he had come that way because they found his New York Yankees baseball cap in a small creek near the wood line, said Clayton County Police Lt. Mark Thompson with the county's gang task force. Police dogs went into the woods after Parkinson.

"For a while we thought he'd gotten away," Thompson said. "Then suddenly the dog keyed in on him."

Parkinson was taken out of the woods, bloodied and handcuffed. He was treated briefly on the scene by paramedics as a steady rain poured down, then he was put into a patrol car and taken away.

The victim, whose name was not released, was shopping at Value City a block from the accident scene around 5:25 p.m. when Parkinson approached him in the parking lot, robbed him of some money and put him into the car.

Turner said the victim said he got shot after getting out of the trunk, but the witnesses said they didn't see him get shot at that point so he may have been shot before being forced into the trunk.

Parkinson had taken Arrowhead Boulevard from Value City and looped around to Upper Riverdale Road where he turned back toward the intersection where Tara Boulevard runs into Interstate 75.

The Mitsubishi hit another car before crossing the intersection and that caused the trunk to open, said Caesar Marshall who works at the Fuel Mart gas station on the corner. The victim got out at that time.

"He ran over here to the store and told us to call 911 and we did," Marshall said.

Marshall said he could see two holes in the victim's face and the victim appeared to be in shock. Turner said the victim was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.

A gun and a large amount of money were found in the Mitsubishi and some money was found on Parkinson's person, Turner said. Parkinson has been charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and armed robbery.