Letters to the Editor

Residents need say on new Barrow jail

The good people of Barrow County are once more being hoodwinked into voting to extend another SPLOST tax.

At the SPLOST meeting Tuesday night, principal planner Bob Goble of Carter Goble Lee, told those of us present of the need for a much larger jail, among other buildings, to replace the one we have.

It was mentioned by one of his associates that Goble was on a state committee to oversee the aging jail situation in the state. Now his company gets a large fee for telling us we are in need of a larger jail and the one we have is not suitable - by his committee's definition - for adding onto.

Several years ago, we were told that if a new jail was built it could be enlarged at a later date if need be so we voted to build it. Now it would seem that Goble's committee has found that the structure that is now in place does not meet the structural requirements of his committee for additional add-on space. This sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

I would certainly love to have a company that gets a fee for telling people that their jail is not suitable for enlargement and be on a state committee to oversee the jail situation in the state's counties. I would also like to know how Murray Kogod, a small-time sheriff deputy in Barrow County, gets his information when he said a property tax increase in the county will likely be necessary to pay for the project ("Proposed jail would allow for expansion," June 2).

I don't think Kogod lives in Barrow County. How many of Sheriff Joel Robinson's deputies live in Barrow County? We voters have had our taxes raised every time a SPLOST tax was voted in anyway.

Folks, this sounds to me like a done deal and it's time the voters wake up to this situation our county commissioners have gotten themselves in. If we don't get to vote for or against a jail to be built in Barrow County then "We the People" should be erased from the Constitution and replaced with "We the Government." If we don't stand together to stop this jail boondoggle, we will be paying far more than those overpaid advisers are telling us.

- Bill Summerour


Let runaway bride get help she needs

For at least the last month Jennifer Wilbanks has been the talk of the nation, and it makes me feel so dumbfounded.

I wake up this morning, do my normal routine, then get my newspaper at 6 a.m. and I read a story in the South Bend Tribune about Wilbanks heading to court. District Attorney Danny Porter says there, at "some point, has to be a consequence" and there is a possibility of six years prison.

Well let me just say this to the D.A. and the panel of people who decide what happens to Wilbanks:

I don't remember how many years ago it was, but look back to the woman who faked her death. She got three years' probation. If Wilbanks gets six years in prison, then that woman is being treated unfairly. And Georgia needs to thank God that she was safe and wasn't found dead. She's already suffering the consequences of being in the eyes of the nation. We don't know what the whole problem is and if she's in the hospital for physical and mental issues, then let her get the help she needs.

- Tracey E. Levenduski

Michigan City, Ind.