Letters to the Editor

Judges deserving of up-and-down vote

The Democrats feel they are doing the right thing for the country by keeping out "extreme" nominees who are "out of the mainstream" with the majority of Americans.

But do the facts support their claim or is the truth more likely that the extreme beliefs of a handful of Democrats are holding up key Senate discussion because the nominees beliefs are not their own?

Let's look at the true facts. President Bush was re-elected with the most votes ever for a president with national popularity. His party added seats in the House and Senate, meaning more people support his ideas and the type of leaders he would choose to serve the people. The May 17-19 AP-Ipsos Poll on Senate scrutiny over federal judges shows that 78 percent of respondents want the Senate to "take an assertive role in examining each nominee."

But then the report said respondents favored conservative over liberal judges by 47 percent to 39 percent and as for a possible Supreme Court nominee, 52 percent said they felt comfortable that President Bush would pick the right kind of justice while 46 percent said they did not feel comfortable.

If these facts are true, how can the Democrats claim that Bush's choices are out of the mainstream. Let the people's representatives vote their conscience. Debate to make your positions well-known but then give the people and their representatives the opportunity for an up-or-down vote.

- Thomas A. Jordan


Buford High School earns honors, praise

On May 27, I attended the graduation of 143 Buford High School seniors. And what a delightful evening it was!

Whoever is responsible for preparing this outstanding event deserves high praise - not a moment wasted going from one topic to the next.

For a school this size to achieve what they are doing is remarkable. The students have been awarded $3.2 million in scholarships and grants.

This 83-year-old New England Yankee says, "Well done."

- Pat Kennedy Dozier