Letters to the Editor

Veterans deserving of Post's Thumbs Up

Thanks go to your writers that gave a Thumbs Up to the Dacula Memorial Day parade!

While the city of Dacula does host the parade, and the city does fund this parade, I just want to make it clear that I am the founder of the parade. I originated this parade 12 years ago and put in hundreds of hours every year preparing for this parade because I wanted our veterans, living and dead, that have fought for the freedom of these United States to be recognized for their efforts more than they are.

Memorial Day has become the "opening day of summer" for most because school is out, the swimming pools are open, and family barbecues and family vacations begin. People need to be reminded that without our veterans we would not have these rights.

It seems that the only time of the year that veterans are thought about are Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I think that our Veterans should be thought of every day. Did you know that about 1,700 American men and women have lost their lives for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq? Also, did you know that about 1,300 children of these 1,700 have lost a mom, a dad or both to war?

On this one day, all I want to do is put the "Memorial" back in Memorial Day.

Let freedom ring!

- Marvin Atherton


Liberal media intends to harm our nation

The Gwinnett Daily Post's recent editorial ("Uproar over Quran creates crisis for U.S.," May 18) was a real eye-opener - and not in a good way.

The ridiculous premise that Newsweek intended no harm is so false as to be laughable if not for its horrific effects. The simple, plain fact is Newsweek specifically intended to do harm, to our president, his administration, our military and most importantly, our country's reputation. America-bashing seems to be de rigueur for the media, as well as the Hollywood elite.

That this "unnamed source" now can't recall where he got this information has no real bearing on what happened. Newsweek, acting just like Dan Rather and CBS News, immediately assumed truth and published it, knowing it would inflame people. Unfortunately, they got more than they bargained for and are directly responsible for the deaths of at least 15 people. Journalistic ethics and standards were conveniently disposed purely to smear our country.

There was a time in this great country that treason and sedition were heinous acts, yet now, the mainstream liberally biased media, Democrats and liberals are free to behave this way, and regularly do, and it is considered politically correct. It is sickening.

I think the Post should cease from lecturing us as to how we should treat the Quran, Koran, Qu'Ran or whatever spelling the media is using this week, Muslims and their beliefs.

If desecration of the Quran deserves punishment, what doesn't "deserve punishment" according to Islam? Let us not forget that Islam considers followers of any other religion infidels that must be killed. These are the same religious people who chopped the heads off innocent civilians, on camera and sent it to the world via the complicit Al-Jazeera television.

Spare us the condescending lecture. While you are at it, stop defending Newsweek and its obviously biased and duplicitous "reporting."

- Tony Rivera