Officers get new badges with promotions

By Justin Boron


Jeff Turner traded his bars for stars Thursday when he got officially promoted from captain to assistant chief of the Clayton County Police Department.

Turner, recognized in the community for his frequent television interviews, became the first assistant chief in more than a decade.

"It is rather ironic that he was the PIO, and it was his beautiful face out there," Chief Darrell Partain said.

Frank McCoy was the last one to hold the position.

Partain said until recently the assistant chief position wasn't in his budget.

Turner will continue to serve as the public information officer for the department but will also handle more of the department's administrative needs.

"It's definitely an honor and a privilege to have a been appointed," he said.

Turner had to go through several training programs to become qualified for assistant chief, Partain said.

"I know I picked the best man for the job," he said.

The following officers also earned promotions Thursday. Their names and their new titles are:

Sgt. Rodney Boles, Sgt. Alfred Clayton, Sgt. Hank Derbyshire, Sgt. Marcus Owensby, Sgt. Steven Palmer, Sgt. Johnny Stephens, Lt. Brian Danekes, Lt. Richard LaVallie, Lt. Kevin Roberts, Lt. Olen Smith, Capt. Alan Holloway, Capt. Greg Porter, Capt. Rick Webster, Capt. Joseph Woodall, Maj. Tim Robinson, and Maj. Sherman Lemon.