Officer survives being run over

From Staff Reports

A Clayton County police officer who was dragged underneath an assailant's car walked away with no injuries. But, he had to shoot twice the driver who he initially pulled over for a speeding violation, police said.

Late Friday, Officer Victor Massarelli, 35, pulled over Paul Leroy Porter, 33, of Rex, for speeding on Interstate 675 near Ellenwood Road. A slow-speed chase ensued, and, eventually, Massarelli left his own car when it appeared Porter had stopped, police say.

After saying, "My wife, my wife," Porter lunged as if to grab something, and Massarelli reached into the vehicle, police say.

At the same time, Porter accelerated the car. To stop him, Massarelli, who said in his report he felt his life was threatened, shot twice into Porter's car.

Massarelli went to Southern Regional Medical Center for minor injuries after reportedly losing consciousness. Porter was taken to Atlanta Medical Center via helicopter and was in critical but stable condition as of Sunday, said Assistant Police Chief Jeff Turner.

He is charged with aggravated assault, speeding and obstructing an officer.