Dragged officer at home

From staff reports

Clayton County Police Officer Victor Massarelli is "a little bumped and bruised" but otherwise OK after being dragged and run over by a suspect's car.

The suspect, Paul Leroy Porter, 33, of Rex, is still at Atlanta Medical Center recovering after Massarelli shot him twice during the Friday incident.

Massarelli, 35, tried to stop Porter for speeding on Interstate 675 near Ellenwood Road late Friday but initially Porter did not stop, Clayton County Assistant Police Chief Jeff Turner said previously. When Porter did appear to stop Massarelli approached the car, at which point Porter said "My wife, my wife" and lunged as if to grab something in the car.

Massarelli reached inside the car, Porter began to accelerate and Massarelli shot into the car before being thrown off and run over by the car.

The officer was taken to Southern Regional Medical Center for treatment but was at home Monday. Porter is expected to be charged with aggravated assault, speeding and obstructing an officer, Turner said.

Turner said he did not know why Porter said something about his wife during the incident, but whatever the situation it did not excuse Porter's actions.

"If you're wife needs help tell us and we'll attempt to help in any way we can," Turner said.