Letters to the Editor

Why granddaddies go to war sometimes

To my grandchildren: John-Michael, Austin, Caleb and Skye:

Hi, kids.

I told you before I left for a year in Iraq why granddaddy is going to war.

A lot of people and kids will call your granddaddy names. Don't get mad at them. They just don't understand what freedom is or why we need to help those who don't have it.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere."

It is often said, "Freedom is not freedom ... until you share it with others."

As a freed convoy driver, I will be OK.

Have your dads read Psalm 91 to you.

I love each of you,

Grandaddy Shaven

- John Shaven


Human intelligence wins out in the end

Tom Jordan of Lawrenceville ("Rethink 'facts' about global climate change," June 14) wants to claim that science was wrong about global cooling and therefore any claims for global warming are suspect.

But the global cooling he references is the "nuclear winter" hypothesis where one result of a nuclear war would be clouds of dust that cause the Earth's temperature to fall.

The fact that the Earth did not cool off is not due to a failure of science but rather to the victory of human intelligence over human nature.

- Alan Thursby


Bride should be ashamed

I was very upset over the fact that the runaway bride sold her story to a publisher and also that they are planning to have a TV story about her lies.

I feel any money she makes should be used to pay the rest of her debt off and what is left should be donated to charities.

This is horrible when she claims she has emotional problems but yet can accept money for her stupidity.

She is crazy like a fox. Shame on her and her intended groom.

- R. Camilleri

Jacksonville, Fla.

Something borrowed

My name is Sonja Stewart and I was wondering if you could get a message to "Runaway Bride," Jennifer Wilbanks.

I will be getting married on Nov. 12 in St. Davids, Penn. and I was wondering if I could wear her wedding dress.

- Sonja Stewart

Willingoro, NJ