Tiger martial arts students excel

From Staff Reports

The Tiger martial arts, located in Fayetteville brought home several medals at last months second annual Music City Open at the Tae Kwon Do Championships in Murfeesboro, TN.

Led by the instruction of Master Kojak and the team's assistant coaches, several participants came home with gold and silver medals.

Savannah Jordan, Ronald Purifoy and Aladdin Koja helped pace the victory.

"They train very hard and all are good students. In education, I believe through proper guidance they can make the right choices. We will take a chld when they are a white belt and teach them the right way in Olympic Tae kwon do training," Master Kojak said.

However, in a more ralistic goal, he saoid he just desires his students to realize personal growth from their own Tae Kwon Do experiences.

The following students brought home medals at the Music City Open:

David Collins, gold in forms, silver in sparring.

James Prothro, silver in forms, gold in sparring.

Brandon Brown, gold in forms, gold in sparring.

Carson Todd, silver in forms, gold in sparring.

Michael Ray, gold in forms, gold in sparring.

Kourbine Lee, gold in forms, gold im sparring.

Trevon Golden, silver in forms, gold in sparring.

Mohanned Ali, bronze in sparring.

Kyle Pinkston, silver im forms, silver in sparring.

"The tournament was a great experience and training to prepare all the students for the upcoming tournament," he said.

Tiger Martial Arts School kis located at 640 Highway 314 suite 1109 in Fayetteville. For more information, call 770-719-8889.