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Dealing with a buffet-style stench - Justin Boron

When you come back from a particular chain of buffet restaurant, in tune with the chain's name, you smell like a herd of cattle.

The sins of the fathers - Gerry Yandel

Sitting in my kitchen early on Father's Day, I pondered the ramifications of socking Michael Jackson in what's left of his surgically re-created nose.

Letters to the Editor

Use common sense, consider dog's safety

Battle Creek to be widened

From Staff reports

Your choice of deaths - Ed Brock

Here's one of those horrible rhetorical questions for you that I usually don't even try to answer.

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J. Gordon inspired Hill to race

From staff reports

Douglas pulls out of draft

By Doug Gorman

WORKTEC worried about possible base closings

By Ed Brock

This column is brought to you by... - Bob Paslay

So I was driving along listening to a country station out of Athens/Gainesville and on comes Barbara Dooley, the wife of legendary Georgia Bulldog coach Vince Dooley. She starts to tell us about being in the hospital and thank goodness she is OK now. But that the hospital stay made her and Vince start thinking about health care coverage. Thank goodness, she had XYZ insurance because it provided the protection she needed. She then launched into this full-blown plug for the insurance company.

Pets of the Week

June 23, 2005

Thursday Thunder heats up for third week of season

From Staff Reports

Young hero meets Falcons quarterback

By Ed Brock

Because I'm fat and broke - Rob Felt

Do you want to go to lunch today?"

Some in county anxious about its credit

By Justin Boron


June 23, 2005

They don't deserve it - or do they? - Shannon Jenkins

When it comes to money, people will say the darnedest things.