Battle Creek to be widened

From Staff reports

Battle Creek Road and part of Mt. Zion Boulevard will be getting a widening that will transform the east-west road through Morrow and Jonesboro into a major thoroughfare in the county.

Clayton County and the Georgia Department of Transportation are combining efforts to bring the roads to four lanes with medians and gutters.

Larry Dixon, 39, of Jonesboro said the improvements would make his life better.

"It should be wider," he said.

Dixon said he lives in one of the several apartment complexes that line the road.

He said in widening Battle Creek Road, they should create more places for citizens to walk.

"I really think they do need some sidewalks around here," he said.

But Rick Hill said was astonished that the lane would be going four lanes as he looked at traffic moving smoothly over two lanes.

"That's a waste of taxpayers money," he said. "It seems like they could be using that money to build something else."

The overall length of the project is about 5.5 miles beginning on Battle Creek Road at Southlake Parkway and ending at Mt. Zion Boulevard and Somerton Drive. The overall project also involves similar widening along Battle Creek Road from Valley Hill Road to Southlake Parkway.

Mt. Zion Boulevard and Battle Creek Road will have two 12-foot travel lanes in each direction with a 20-foot raised median. Sixteen-foot shoulders with curb and gutter and five-foot concrete sidewalk will also be constructed. Proposed Mainline Design Speed will be 45 mph.

The public is invited to comment on the project.

Written comments should be sent to Harvey D. Keepler, a state environmental engineer.

The address is Georgia Department of Transportation, 3993 Aviation Circle, Atlanta, Ga., 30336-1593.

Comments can also be made via the web at www.dot.state.ga.us.

All comments will be made a part of the project record.