Letters to the Editor

Use common sense, consider dog's safety

I love my dogs. If I were to take them to a place where they were not safe, I would appreciate an owner or person in charge telling me that my dog could be injured or killed. Melissa McMann should get the chip off of her shoulder and thank Art Rilling for trying to protect her and her dog ("Guide dog not allowed on game ranch," June 18).

McMann said her dog has totally changed her life by giving her the freedom of mobility. Has she thought where she would be if a mother deer killed or injured Leo? As Rilling said, "You've got to have some common sense."

- Tony Williams


Penny tax inaccurate

I recommend your headlines cease using the term penny tax. It appears to be an attempt to obfuscate and lull taxpayers with SPLOST revenues. The correct statement is a 1 percent tax.

Face the facts: Anyone will pay a penny, but 1 percent is a different league altogether.

- John Whalen


Self-important types get their just deserts

Bravo to Tim Freeman's Guest Viewpoints, ("We get it; you're more important," June 12). Thanks for expressing what so many of us feel when we see those self-important, self-absorbed types. I laughed quite a bit and realized you captured that suburban phenomenon perfectly.

- Tony Rivera


Take pride in Porter

Gwinnett County should be proud to have a DA like Danny Porter. I would like to shake his hand.

- John Harley