Morrow man rapes ex-girlfriend twice

By Ed Brock

Police say a Morrow man raped his ex-girlfriend twice after meeting her to pick up his things.

A Clayton County police officer responded to the incident between rapes but, unaware that 18-year-old Ahry Estrada had just raped the victim, let him go with an order not to trespass at her Jonesboro apartment complex.

Estrada was arrested around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and charged with rape and kidnapping after the incident, according to a Clayton County police report.

Estrada went to victim's apartment on Upper Riverdale Road earlier in the day and gained access to her apartment and bedroom by saying he was there to get his television and video game player. Once in the victim's room with her Estrada started accusing her of sleeping with another man, looking around her room for signs a man had been there.

He then raped her in the bathroom adjoining the bedroom. After raping her he dressed in preparation for leaving, but the victim saw that he had an envelope containing $300 of her money in his pocket. The victim told police that Estrada told her she would have to come with him to get the money back.

The victim told a juvenile male in the apartment to call 911, but Estrada pulled the phone cord out of the wall. The juvenile male went to a security guard to call 911 and a Clayton County police officer arrived and spoke to the victim and Estrada.

Estrada said there was nothing wrong and gave the officer a false name and date of birth. The officer, per a request from the apartment complex security guard, gave him a warning for trespassing and left.

Shortly after that the security guard saw Estrada trying to get back into the victim's apartment by kicking in the sliding glass door, but Estrada ran off when the security guard approached. The victim, thinking Estrada had left, went outside where Estrada ran at her, captured her and began dragging her away. The victim's nephew saw this and called police but Estrada and the victim were gone by the time police responded.

The victim said Estrada dragged her across Upper Riverdale Road and put her in a car. He drove to Hunter's Ridge Mobile Home Park south of Jonesboro where he hit her, threatened to beat her severely unless she had sex with him and then raped her. After the second rape he brought the victim back home and witnesses called police.

Officers arrested Estrada a short while later on Tara Boulevard.