Thursday Thunder drivers pass fuel inspections

By Staff Reports

CONCORD, N.C.-- Following last week's INEX-sanctioned Thursday Thunder event at Atlanta Motor Speedway, several competitors' fuel failed preliminary field tests. According to INEX procedures all field fuel samples that show signs of prohibited additives are automatically sent to an independent laboratory for further testing. Consequently all samples were submitted to the lab for further testing.

"The test we conduct in the field is a preliminary test only," said Darrel Krentz, executive director of INEX. "It is called the Germane Engineering Reagent A field test and it tests for the presence of propylene oxide and/or alcohol.

The results are considered preliminary due to the fact the testing area is not a controlled environment and many outside factors can contribute to a positive reading. Only within a controlled laboratory environment, can you get an absolute reading."

"The independent laboratory we utilize for testing is the same one NASCAR uses and they have been providing us with this service for the past four years, " said Krentz.

"The test conducted in the laboratory is the Mass Spectrometer test, among other components, it identifies the presence of propylene oxide and other oxygenates.

"We received the results from the laboratory late yesterday and all of the fuel results came back with a negative reading for the presence of propylene oxide" said Krentz.

"In addition, we sent Max Gresham's fuel to be tested," said Krentz.

"During the field test, Max's fuel failed the specific gravity test.

The temperature of the fuel when the test is conducted in the field can vary the specific gravity reading.

When we tested the fuel within the controlled laboratory environment, the specific gravity level came within the legal limits. Max's win and points from last week will be reinstated."