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We may be slower, but our justice is quick - Bob Paslay

We Southerners are accused of living life slower than most of the nation although anyone who has driven on the interstates around metro Atlanta would disagree. We come to someone's office and yes, we visit a little while. "How's the family? How was that vacation?" We sit on porches and watch lightning bugs and talk. We go in a store and wait while the sales person finishes chatting.

Nicorette to sponsor Busch race

From staff reports

Nobody wants to be the bad guy - Ed Brock

So, I guess ol' Saddam Hussein isn't so bad after all.


June 27, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Rove just trying to change the subject

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Suspect sought in double stabbing

By Ed Brock

They don't deserve it - or do they? - Shannon Jenkins

When it comes to money, people will say the darnedest things.

Zoning hearing ends with arguments

By Ed Brock

Stockbridge natives return to rock Roxy

By Michael Davis

Dunn top good guy in pro sports

From wire and staff reports

Parking lot wash may be illegal

By Justin Boron

The big move is going down - Rob Felt

As reliably as you throw away your old calendar every Jan. 1 and get a new one, I move into a new apartment. The cycle has been hard to break, and each move has been surrounded by its own set of supporting arguments and issues to work out.

Commission to adopt contentious budget

By Justin Boron

Pets of the Week

June 23, 2005

Falcon's eye view on crime

By Ed Brock