Letters to the Editor

Rove just trying to change the subject

Regarding Karl Rove's recent offensive comments, Rove came to New York's soil, which is still healing from Sept. 11, and created this political ploy to distract from the immoral lies the conservatives told which led directly to the unnecessary invasion of Iraq. He wants us to forget the un-American torture this conservative administration is condoning and asking our brave troops to commit in America's name.

He wants us to ignore the irresponsible lack of any sort of exit plan or strategy to bring our fine men and women in uniform home to safety. Rove doesn't want to talk about those things because they reinforce the plummeting poll numbers of this very unpopular lame-duck president.

- Sheri Divers

Stone Mountain

Apparently crime does pay these days

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks was just about to gain my sympathy for her apology and expressed desire for privacy then she pops up wanting to sell a book. Then she appears on network TV along with her erstwhile fiance with his deer-caught-in-the-headlight look. A true matched pair.

Not only has Jennifer learned that crime does pay but that her most recent crime is far more profitable than her past shoplifting crimes. I guess there are a few dumb people out there that will buy her book and add to her profits, but I'm not one of them. For John Mason to participate in this despicable enterprise now places him in the same scam artist category.

- Ernest Wade