Letters to the Editor

Today marks freedom from breathing smoke

It's appropriate that most Georgia restaurants will become smoke-free Friday, just three days before our country's Independence Day. Finally, millions of Georgia's nonsmokers are free from secondhand smoke when they eat in a restaurant.

As a cancer survivor and a grandmother of two young children, I am elated that we can now enjoy a restaurant meal without being concerned about inhalation of dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke from adjacent tables.

With all this in mind, the American Cancer Society and other organizations that stood behind the new legislation have proclaimed today as Smoke Free Air Appreciation Day.

This is a great time to take your family out to dinner, enjoy the clean air and before you leave, let the manager know how pleased you are with this new law. Let them know that you feel better about taking your family out to a restaurant and will be dining out more often. Or write a note to that effect on your check when you pay the bill.

I am full of appreciation for Sen. Don Balfour's leadership in getting the bill passed in the Georgia Senate and to each of our Gwinnett legislators who voted for better health for Georgians.

I also extend a special nod of thanks to Gov. Sonny Perdue, who wrestled with signing the bill because he was concerned about government directives for private business, but he did so because he understood the significant health advantages for Georgia's citizens.

Just like the record player, the typewriter and the rotary dial phone, the phrase "smoking or nonsmoking?" when you enter a restaurant in Georgia will become a memory that once served its purpose, but it has been replaced by a better idea that better serves the people.

- Phylecia Wilson

Cancer survivor and

member of American Cancer Society Board of Directors, Gwinnett County/South Atlantic Division

Idea that PBS doesn't lean left is laughable

Cal Thomas' column ("Where bias runs deep," June 23) hit the nail right on the head for me.

For Bill Moyers to say PBS isn't biased, that it is a "nonpartisan citizen's organization working for a democratic and accountable media in America," is laughable. Is he stupid or has he just been hoodwinked by listening to his own leftist propaganda over the years?

Make no mistake about it folks - I watch PBS quite often.

But when I hear someone begin to talk of diversity, multiculturalism, racism, global warming or anything anti-American, I turn the channel. I know leftist-leaning baloney when I hear it. And I don't contribute one dime to pay for their shows.

Who benefits from tearing down the social foundations on which this country was built? Ask yourself, and if you don't like the answer, then speak up.

The mainstream news media, including PBS, espouses the anti-American, multicultural diversity agenda. Folks, it wasn't diversity that made this country great. It was adhering to the principles that our forefathers stood for. Two of those principles were freedom and excellence. And that's no bias - that's what makes America great.

- Susan A. Bradley