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Show me the ivy - Greg Gelpi

While some dream of endless sandy shorelines and others long for thriving metropolises, visions of ivy-covered brick walls have always danced in my mind.

Say 'thank you,' it doesn't hurt - Shannon Jenkins

Here's a warning for all you rude people out there: I'm not going to be nice to you anymore.

Sometimes opportunity calls on the phone - Ed Brock

I was a teenage phone solicitor.

Feel the need, the need for cheese - Michael Davis

So on Monday, a group of Englishmen got together on the top of a hill for an ancient contest. They gathered around noon, and spectators came from across the countryside to bear witness.

Reduce travel stress: Abolish giant carry-ons - Rob Felt

Dozens of people are clogged at the end of the loading ramp, shuffling back and forth and staring at the food service area just behind the plane's cockpit. A pair of flight attendants smile and nod at each passerby as they make their way towards the center aisle. They round the corner and peer down the cabin, taking survey of exactly what's holding up the group.

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Message called for touch of tolerance


June 8, 2005

Knowledge is power against gangs

By Ed Brock

Secretary of offensiveness - Gerry Yandel

When I was in high school, there was always a kid who managed to stay out of trouble by perpetually pointing out the wrongs of all the other kids around him.

Let tolerance and understanding prevail - Justin Boron

In life, it's hard to be tolerant, understanding, and respectful even when you feel like you've been cheated. Whether you feel like you're getting sold out by a friend or shortchanged by some sober bartender, reactionary emotions inevitably surface.

Man kills wife, her cousin

By Ed Brock

Pets of the week

June 2, 2005

Students bring spirit, hard work to Jonesboro

By Laura McMillan

On track: sprinters ink scholarships to Clayton State

From staff reports

Getting knocked off the bike of life - Bob Paslay

It is not easy to remain an optimist. It is like riding a bike. You are riding along, hit a pothole, get thrown and scarred up and bruised. You have to get back on the bike and keep going. That's not to say it doesn't hurt because it does.

CCSU soccer team signs trio of forwards

From staff reports

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