Overturned car backs up 19/41

By Justin Boron

An overturned car on Tara Boulevard near the Jonesboro Race Track gas station backed up early morning traffic for an hour Thursday in a collision that bystanders said reminded them of a dump truck unloading.

Resulting in no life threatening injuries, the accident southwest of North Main Street became a mid-commute spectacle for drivers en route to their jobs who witnessed a Nissan Maxima smash into a blue Chevrolet Blazer, flipping it onto its roof.

"It sounded like a dump truck unloading," said Christy Lee, 23, of Jonesboro.

Close to 30 minutes after the police arrived, they stopped traffic in either direction on the divided portion of U.S. Highway 19/41, clearing a landing pad for the helicopter ambulance to transport Antonia Candibo, 31, to Atlanta Medical Center.

The transport was only necessary as a precaution for internal bleeding, said Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner.

All other victims were taken to a hospital by ground transport, he said.

Police said the Blazer was struck while crossing the three lane highway from a right turn lane.