Judge moonwalks over the defense in trial - Justin Boron

Enews has emerged as the front-runner in the coverage of the Michael Jackson child molestation trial taking place in the backwoods city of Santa Maria, Calif.

With its nightly re-enactments, the Entertainment channel has far exceeded any other legitimate print or broadcast media outlet. Obviously, it would come from the more ethically and journalistically sound branch of the channel than say Talk Soup or the Gossip. But I am surprised that E! is making such progress.

No other news outlet had the temerity to sidestep a ban on cameras in the courtroom and go as far as reenacting the juicy portions of the transcript.

It's unfortunate that the judge in this case doesn't have equal prudence.

His questionable decision to prohibit cameras, no doubt to avoid the embarrassment broadcast journalists cause, has been complicated by his allowance of the circus prosecution carried out by District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who is obviously bitter with humiliation from the last time he and Michael crossed paths.

It must've torn him apart to be defeated by the kind of person that owns a Ferris wheel and some elephants.

The evidence he is presenting is foolish, if not evidence of that he rides a Segway in his free time and has an insatiable addiction to Unsolved Mysteries.

An inept publicist, his first strong witness, testified to nothing more than hearsay.

Then, he paraded the accuser's sister, who dribbled out little more than that she may be slowly developing an alcohol habit at school, having testified that she drank wine when Michael allegedly offered it to her.

It seems like a sick ironic truth that Jackson's fate will be hung on the kind of spectacle he created for himself.

Even though he has brought it on himself too many times, the man doesn't deserve to get railroaded by some horse-riding judge.

This is why E! is the only media worth a salt covering this story. Getting at the pallid details of the molestation through gratuitously reenacted sections of transcript was a genius idea and has drawn viewers from a wide range of intellectual levels.

One question has been pricking me as I tune in every night.

I wonder how much the impersonator they are using is getting paid. Edward Moss takes 45 minutes of his day to put on the makeup required, then sits in a phony court room and gets paid.

Another question is how can you decide that you're going to impersonate the freakish, bleached, plastic-surgery ridden Jackson. This is paramount to the people who impersonated fat Elvis. I would much rather see the Michael Jackson from "Bad" or "Smooth Criminal."

If I had my way, I would produce the show so that Jackson periodically yelps and moonwalks during testimony.

Justin Boron is the government reporter for the News-Daily. His column appears Monday. He can be reached at 770-478-5753 or jboron@news-daily.com .