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Attorney files another contempt order

By Justin Boron

Harlan Miller, the attorney for the 27 sheriff employees fired more than two months ago, filed another contempt action against Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill that alleges he unnecessarily admonished some of the deputies, narrowed their authority, and demanded Miller get his teeth fixed.

The contempt action filed in federal court is the most recent piece of litigation since Hill was found in contempt of court by Superior Court Judge Ben Miller.

Hill said he was not concerned with the action.

"The accusations of contempt of court are frivolous just like the attorney that filed them," he said.

As a result of the Superior Court order, Hill was forced to reinstate the sheriff employees at their original positions. Three of the employees served as majors and were responsible for the daily operations of particular divisions within Sheriff's Office.

The contempt of court action says Hill has effectively undercut the authority of Maj. Doug Massengale, Maj. Larry Bartlett, and Maj. Michael Maddox through an invisible de facto chain of command that includes Hill's new staff.

Miller also cites conversations held with several other of his clients that he characterizes as abusive.

Hill admits the conversations took place but disagrees with the substance of the accounts provided in Miller's order.