Father cleared in child's shooting

By Ed Brock

Police have determined that the bullet that killed a 2-year-old boy in a home invasion last month did not come from the gun belonging to the boy's father.

Meanwhile, the investigation remains at a standstill as investigators continue to seek two men they believe have information on the crime.

Xavier Miranda was killed on Feb. 10 by one of the bullets that flew between his father William Miranda Jr., 22, and a man who forced his way into Miranda's apartment at Hunter's Bay Apartments near Forest Park and demanded money.

On Tuesday Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said that the fatal bullet came from a smaller caliber handgun than the .45-caliber gun fired by the boy's father. The bullet was removed from the boy's body during an autopsy about two weeks ago and police determined at that time that William Miranda's gun did not kill his son.

Ballistics tests will be performed on the bullet only after a possible murder weapon has been recovered, Turner said, but so far police have no new information on Xavier Miranda's killer.

Police are still looking for 37-year-old Shawn Berry and 32-year-old Stacey Berry, two brothers believed to frequent the Metropolitan Parkway area of Atlanta, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

The brothers supposedly work for Shakeila Hampton, 33, possibly of College Park, the woman who prepared the tax refund for Xavier Miranda's family. Chimere Calloway and other family members have said the home invasion that led to Xavier Miranda's death was executed by a man looking for the money from that refund.

During the home invasion the man grabbed Xavier Miranda and put the gun to his head while counting down, according to police reports. A relative came in and interrupted the countdown, at which point the robber and William Miranda exchanged gun shots.

Turner said Hampton charged the family about $1,000, partly for the preparation of the tax return and partly for money they owed her for another unspecified purpose. The Berry brothers worked with her bringing information on Hampton's clients to the Internal Revenue Service offices in Atlanta.

The Berry brothers may be driving a black Mercedes-Benz SUV. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the brothers should call police at (770) 477-3650.